Serving up happiness, one scoop at a time.

Make your taste buds jump with joy. 

Take a step back in time and enjoy some homemade ice cream served up in a rainbow of flavors sure to have everyone in the family bouncing off the walls. Neil has been making scrumptious creations for eons and is a mistro of sugary goodness. The Spring Dipper is a good old fashioned ice cream parlor remade for the modern world. 
Ice cream on the internet just isn't the same as real life. It leaves drool on the screen and you never seem to get full! 

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Flavors like Blue Moon, Purple Cow and Turtle are just the beginning.  Grab a spoon and find your favorite!

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Flavors Galore!

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Meet Neil. He's the guy who makes all this great ice cream. He's really cool. Partly because he spends a lot of time in a cooler. ​
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Meet Neil!

The Spring Dipper 


 Thursday - Sunday   from   3:00 pm - 8:00 pm